About us

Attorneys Andrew Good, Michael Schneider, Philip Cormier and Syrie Fried have a national reputation for excellence based on decades of experience in representing clients in criminal, civil and regulatory cases before the state and federal courts and administrative agencies. We represent clients at all stages of proceedings, including grand jury investigations, trials, sentencing, appeals, forfeiture and post-conviction litigation. Our practice areas range from federal white-collar and state court criminal offenses to scientific research misconduct, academic misconduct, professional licensing matters, and the defense of free speech and civil liberties.

We take pride in our careful, thoughtful and creative approach to each case, paying attention to detail and the importance of diligent preparation. We take seriously our role as counselors. We listen to our clients’ concerns, encourage their participation, and provide them with our considered professional advice and judgment. In the courtroom, we make sure that our clients are defended with skillful and zealous advocacy. Our attorneys are backed by a talented support staff, and we routinely consult with experienced and highly respected experts, investigators, and specialists. We have a proven track record of success. We focus on each client’s individual needs and approach our work as part of a broader effort to advance the cause of constitutional due process, civil liberties, human rights, and the promise of equal justice and fairness to all.